Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Classic Graphic Novels

Especially since it looks like Kalinara could use some cheering up, I thought I'd share with you all that Sterling Publishing* is putting out a new line of classics adapted as graphic novels.

Unlike the last set we got in, which was pretty much junk, this one looks like it might be worth looking at. The artwork I've seen so far looks promising. The first two titles out are Dracula and Tom Sawyer (sorry, no A Little Princess yet, and since the line is called All Action Classics, likely not for a while). Dracula reminds me of the overly stylized Disney Hercules - not my cup of tea, especially with the tiny female waists, but it's at least pretty and readable, which is a step up from the other comic classics we got in. Tom Saywer looks really nice, however. It reminds me of Bone and the new Babysitter's Club, which makes me happy because I love Mark Twain.

Since it's from Sterling, I'm cautiously optimistic. We get a lot of junk from Sterling. They aren't really known for finding the next Newbery or Caldecott. Mostly they publish the kind of low end titles, such as an endless supply of sudoku or craft books, that are obvious attempts to chase the latest trends. However, Sterling also publishes some of our top selling classics for kids. Granted, they are top selling at my store in part because we get them cheap (due to no copyright and other reasons stated below), but they are also very nice looking and the abridged classics are about as good as your're going to get when you chop books in half - or thirds.

I'm not quite sure when they are due to hit stores. The only date I've seen is November, and we don't have any in yet.

*I should share that Sterling is either owned or in partnership with one of the companies that pays my bills (I'm a little confused as to the actual relationship). Since I'm not terribly happy with them, that doesn't mean a whole lot at the moment, but I thought you should know.

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