Friday, February 29, 2008


Something is racist if it includes or promotes - however unintentionally - racism.

It is perfectly valid to use an otherwise non-racist something to illustrate a trend that is racist.

Calling something racist does not necessarily imply malicious intent on the part of the person responsible for that racist something. Ignorance and negligence is often all that is needed to keep racism going.

That said, defending such behavior and assuming that accusations of racism always imply intent really makes me wonder about the person doing the defending and assuming.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


50 days.

In 50 days, the new library opens.

The library that's so big that it gets "and Technology Center" tacked onto it's name, a second name just for the children's part of the library, and an auditorium that fits several hundred people.

By the end of those 50 days, the 12 Pages that we just hired - who won't be starting for another two weeks- and 6 Library Assistants - who haven't even been hired yet - need to be trained. And it's my job to train them. (Did I mention I got a promotion? Yeah, not that one, another one.)

In 50 days, we need to be moved out of the current building and into the new one, have processed hundreds of thousands of books, and retrained a couple dozen employees on new technology.

We're expecting a crowd of around 8,000 people on opening day.

So....I've been kinda busy.

Plus, the family got together for a trip to Yosemite this last weekend. Look, pretty!

(picture taken by my dad)

Anyway, just thought I ought to explain why posting has been light and not terribly thought provoking lately.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008



Kitty Pryde throws herself at Peter Rasputin before the big battle. It’s well-written and doesn’t demean her as a character, but is it appropriate? Well, that depends upon its target audience, doesn’t it?


Kitty Pryde throws herself at Peter Rasputin before the big battle.


Seriously, who the hell describes the continuation of a previously established and emotionally fulfilling sexual relationship as one partner throwing themselves at the other? Really, people, we silly feminazi's would be a little less quick to see sexism when it's only barely there if you all would stop conflating female desire with submission and desperation.

It’s well-written and doesn’t demean her as a character, but is it appropriate?

More or less appropriate than Mystique trying to seduce Wolverine in the second X-Men movie? (Or her make-up throughout all three?)

Well, that depends upon its target audience, doesn’t it?

Since I'm guessing both the target audience and the actual audience of the Whedon's Astonishing X-Men is more than old enough to read about sexual relationships where the two people involved actually treat each other with respect...again I say: wtf-ever.

And as far as the actual point of the post goes:

Just in case I haven't said this enough lately, it just so happens that I often am thinking not just of myself but also of any girl who has started puberty* when I argue against crap like the Heroes for Hire cover and for scenes like the ones where Kitty and Peter get it on. What can I say, I like and admire Judy Blume.

Emma Frost trying to impersonate both the Phoenix and a sex starved kewpie doll - at the same time? Now that I could do without and wouldn't really recommend to anyone - including younger teen girls. I only wish, however, that girls - teen and otherwise - could be exposed to more stuff along the lines of the "I phased!" scene and the "one last time before the big battle" scene.

From my experience of having been one, I can tell you that a lot of girls often get the impression from culture that sex is supposed to be demeaning to women - and it seems increasingly obvious to me that we are not the only ones who learn this. Which means that a lot of people have a really hard time distinguishing "sex" from "showing women in a demeaning manner." Why else would you describe that scene as Kitty "throwing" herself at Peter? No matter how many times you try to argue later that the scene is "well-written and doesn’t demean her as a character" - characterizing her behavior as "throwing" herself at Peter demeans Kitty and her actions. Actions that, yes, really were not at all demeaning as originally written.

I can't decide which I find more disturbing, the misrepresentation of Girl-Wonder's goals, the conflation of Girl-Wonder and every feminist interested in comics, or the constant conflation of (male) sexual desire and objectification (of women and girls) Thankfully, that isn't something that I have to vote on. I can simply get pissed at all three.

*And in case I haven't reminded everyone enough lately, it's not unusual nowadays for puberty to hit girls before they are even into double digits.

I Voted!

I'm going to follow my mother's example this time around and not say who I voted for. (Mostly because I keep changing my mind....yes, still.....and don't feel like getting into any debates about it.)


I will be excited no matter who wins tonight.

And that is a very cool feeling.