Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Now I actually have to do one of these things.

OK, here goes.

1) My first crush was on an anime character. And since I'm not that young it was - of course -

Rick Hunter!

(My little brother teased me about that for years, the little snot.)


As does Fraggle Rock, The Gummi Bears, and Voltron.

Power Rangers and that stupid purple dinosaur can kiss my you know what. Children's librarian be damned - I only have to pretend they're cool when the kids are around.

2) I like to drink pickle juice.

Not all the time, but I really, really like pickles. Not the big ones that you can barely fit in your mouth, but the thin wedges that let the juice dribble along your tongue. Once I start, I have a hard time stopping. And if my craving isn't satisfied when the jar is empty, I'll pour a couple shots worth of pickle juice into one of those itty bitty jam glasses and sip it slowly.

3) I am currently watching Reminington Steele.

(Well, technically, I'm currently at work, but you know what I mean.)

Earlier this week, I picked up seasons 1, 4 and 5 (which, from what I can tell looks to be only a single episode) for a total of less than $40. It is soooooooo my new guilty pleasure.

Yes, the pseudo-early 80's-feminism is grating, the storylines are just awful for the most part, and Remington Steel can be quite the dick (sigh - yes, pun intended).

However - it's Pierce Brosnan! A young Pierce Brosnan!! Who runs around getting into fistfights with mob hit men after falling into overly large water harzards at miniature golf courses!!! And occasionally gets his ass handed to him by his (inconsistently) competent female boss/partner/....whatever!!!!

God I love technology. What would I do without the internet and TV shows on DVD? Read even more novels, I suppose.

4) I didn't get my driver's license until I was 24.

And yes, I grew up in southern California.

Somehow the whole fascination with cars and being able to drive on our horrendous freeways completely passed me by. I don't think it really helped that my physics professor father would explain physics to me using the relative momentum and stopping time required for various vehicles at typical speeds. Neither, I'm sure, did the fact that I was perfectly capable of grasping everything he was trying to explain to me.

I also failed my first driver's test because I didn't wait for a pedestrain. Now, it should be noted that said pedestrian was about to jaywalk and was obviously doing the sensible thing and waiting for me to continue on my way. But it was still a stupid thing for me to do during a driving test.

5) I almost got a perfect score on the logic portion of the GREs.

(and I knew which two questions were wrong when I turned the test in, but I didn't have time to fix them, dammit!)

Not, of course, that you'd know it from my blog posts. But then my score had everything to do with my doing logic puzzles for fun in junior high and in no way reflected my abilty to string words together persuasively and coherently.


I usually hate these things - and love them at the same time. Generally, I hate chain letters, and these things are kinda like chain letters. I especially hate figuring out who to pass them onto, so I usually don't. Except these memes are fun - but too fun because I keep wanting to go off on tangents and add more stuff.

But I had to do this one either way bc it was 100littledolls that tagged me, and I feel bad for not emailing her the words of support that wouldn't post to her blog for some reason.

So, I did it! But I'm not passing it on yet. I'm going to wait for that. And I may. Or may not. You can drop hints if you want to be tagged. Or I may decide to keep it all to myself. I'm weirdly anti-social that way.


100LittleDolls said...

Yay! See, it was good I tagged you, because how else would I have known that we share a mutual love for Rick Hunter?

Lyle said...

I'd say Rick Hunter was a good choice. The Rick/Lisa/Minmay love triangle was one that, in hindsight, was pretty progressive. Rick could have gone for a woman who would defer to him and ask him to rescue her whenever she was in trouble, but in the end he realized that he'd be happier with the woman who wanted to be treated like an equal and who could challenge him to be a better person.

(Not that Rick didn't rescue Lisa a few times, but Lisa's first reaction to trouble wasn't to hope a man would save her.)

Sadly, I don't see women like Lisa Hayes or Miriya Sterling in SciFi very often. Am I looking through tunnel vision when I think we've regressed since the '80s?

And never, ever check out "Macross: Do You Remember Love?" Ugh.

Mickle said...


that's a little scary - but in agood way


yes, well....

I haven't actually seen an episode of Robotech since I was, like ten....

....and I vaguely remember liking Minmay better.


Lainie said...

Holy shit! I keep running into people who had crushes on anime characters. I thought I was the only one. My big crush was...I think his name was keith? from Voltron. swooooon.

100LittleDolls said...

I actually love Minmay. (As my little blogger icon suggests.)I hated her initially. I adore Lisa, of course, but I've come to appreciate what Minmay represents.

This might actually become a blog post some day, but I think Minmay represents the struggle of women who want to be ambitious but who also feel that they need to embrace traditional femininity. That's why she had such a hard time making up her mind in regards to Rick.

I like that Minmay ended up alone in the end, because I think it was better for her character (and for Rick and Lisa as well, those two belong together.)