Thursday, February 28, 2008


50 days.

In 50 days, the new library opens.

The library that's so big that it gets "and Technology Center" tacked onto it's name, a second name just for the children's part of the library, and an auditorium that fits several hundred people.

By the end of those 50 days, the 12 Pages that we just hired - who won't be starting for another two weeks- and 6 Library Assistants - who haven't even been hired yet - need to be trained. And it's my job to train them. (Did I mention I got a promotion? Yeah, not that one, another one.)

In 50 days, we need to be moved out of the current building and into the new one, have processed hundreds of thousands of books, and retrained a couple dozen employees on new technology.

We're expecting a crowd of around 8,000 people on opening day.

So....I've been kinda busy.

Plus, the family got together for a trip to Yosemite this last weekend. Look, pretty!

(picture taken by my dad)

Anyway, just thought I ought to explain why posting has been light and not terribly thought provoking lately.

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