Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why, Why, Why?!?!?!?!?!?!

Every time I get all set to buy my tix for ComiCon, the idiots of the world make me rethink that decision.

I mean, do I really want be in a packed convention hall full of guys like this guy?

Is even ComiCon really worth that price?

Oh, but! How silly of me, I forgot....

...a brief plug: If you're totally put off by the con you read about and worried that bad things could happen to you at cons everywhere, I'd suggest visiting WisCon, the world's leading feminist science-fiction convention, which I can guarantee you is completely different.

Gee, mister, that's awfully sweet of you, to allow me my fluffy little cage over there. 'Cuz god knows that:

1) the point of WisCon is to be a pink version of ComiCon, and not something else entirely

2) all the special guests that go to ComiCon go to WisCon

3) driving down to San Diego and staying with my cousin is in no way more affordable than flying halfway cross the country and staying in a hotel

4) nor is it more fun, because my cousins will be just as willing and able to hang out with me in Wisconsin as they will in San Diego

5) "separate but equal" is always a dandy idea

I'm seriously tempted to simply spend all that time writing fanfic for Criminal Minds instead.


Anonymous said...

Well, I would say that Comic Con, at least, is huge so its not too hard (from my experience, at least) to avoid idiots without trying. Part of it is that I'm in loner/butterfly mode anyway, but there are so many different people and groups to be found in large numbers at San Diego that its easy to be unaware of the ones you're not interested in dealing with. San Diego is very different from other cons I've been to in that it's really hard to socialize, even hanging out after the panel needs to be taken elsewhere. (Which isn't to say I've had nice times socializing at ComicCon.)

Mickle said...


that's good to keep in mind

I shouldn't have to do summer reading this year, so I should be ok asking for the weekend off.

...except that there may be some positions opening up....

So, we'll see

I really should have bought my tix already, but it's been so crazy I haven't even had the time to ask for the time off . :)

100LittleDolls said...

Argh. I was starting to look forward to going to Wizard World this summer and then I read about this and then I remembered about how at the last con I went to I was harrassed by a man who thought it great fun to make comments about rape to me. Now I'm seriously reconsidering.

Saying that, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go anyway. And you should go to Comic Con. Conventions may not be the safest place for woman, but damn if I'm going to let sexist creeps keep me from geeking out.

And what you wrote about WisCon reasonates a lot for me too. I can't ask for the time off from work. It is a lot closer to me, but I can't afford to ask for the extra time off that I would need to travel to Madison, and I can't afford the cost of a hotel room. Someday it'd be fun to go...

Mickle said...

It would be tons of fun to go...and when we both do finally go, we so need to make sure we go the same year!

and hey! nice to see you again. I kept meaning to write something supporting on your last post, but I suck and that sort of thing and wasn't ever sure what to say - which is always so much worse than not saying anything, so I just completely suck. Sonow, far too late, I say: kudos to you for doing all the good work you do even though it's really, really hard work

and yeah, I am going to go. I think - it more has to do with work (long story that I can't divulge at this point) and my cousin than anything else at thins point. I realized later that I phrased my dilemna badly though. It's not so much that I'm afraid to go - not because there is no fear but because I try very hard to ignore such fears - it's more a matter of weighing the liklihood of enjoyment versus the liklihood that I would spend the whole time fuming at a few idiots (see: story above about visiting colleges). I think the fun outweighs the fuming in this case, though.

100LittleDolls said...

Yes, we would definitely have to coordinate that!

And don't feel bad about not commenting--you do not in any way suck. But thank you. I wish I could find the time and energy to write on the blog again.

But nothing could keep me from keeping up with your blog, even if I've been doing so quietly. <3