Friday, June 13, 2008

The Bad, More Bad, The Good, and The Messy Aftermath

So, this crap annoys me. Obviously.


Also, regarding the idiocy found in this article (linked to in the comments of the post above) about how they just don't make kids like they used to -

Who cares if kids nowadays don't yet know what an old-fashioned trolley is. Do you think I knew what one was when I was 5? Do you want to know how I learned what one was? By going to Disneyland every year. So, really, I think Disneyland of all places might just survive having some old-fangled machine that kids don't recognize right away.



.....this? Is just so cute its completely distracting me from all my justified annoyance.

Help! I don't know what to do or how to feel!

(and I'm a little worried that I'm a bad person for thinking it's cute. the cultural appropriation smells a bit too fishy to me to completely pass the sniff test.

but..but...but...they remind me of those key rings they sell at my local comic shop! how cool is that? plus...her ears are crab claws. OMG!!!! I think my brain just exploded from the sheer awesomeness of ears that are crab claws!!!!!!!!)


Mana G said...

I know that this wasn't the point of your post, but that actually looks like the SECOND revamp of Strawberry Shortcake in recent years. (The first one had her in jeans, a t-shirt, and a little sweatshirt around her waist.) I liked her; she looked...SPUNKY. This one bothers me, for some reason. I think it's her pose, or something about her face. Is it just me, or does she look like she's wearing makeup?
The crab-claw ears ARE gosh-darned adorable, though.

Dumma said...

Those aren't ears, they're her ponytails!

And in a world where Bratz are popular the anorexicfication of all things "for girls" is bound to happen, next Shortcake will be chasing boys and be all about the fashion

Mickle said...

mana g - yes, i thought the first revamp of strawberry was a ok too

and it's her pose even more than her size that bugs me. strawberry shortcake may not have been penny gadget, but she didn't just sit around all day and look pretty either


how do you get ponytails? she's sushi, she has no hair. i mean, i guess they aren't really ears either, but i can't see how they are ponytails. is that what they say on the show?

and, as much as i don't like the bratz, barbie has never been exactly overweight either, and it's not just kids icons that have been downsized lately (anyone remember the old columbia pictures logo thingamajiggie?) so i don't think we can blame the revised strawberry shortcake on the bratz alone