Friday, July 25, 2008

Research is Your Friend

So I'm watching HGTV. (I'm doing that a lot lately.) And the designer is showing and explaining his design for a kid's Star Wars/space themed room.

And it looks really cool. The bed is a spaceship* and the walls will all be painted to make it look like it just docked inside another large spaceship. It even looks quite a bit like Star Wars. The style of the docking bay is pretty good and the spaceship is fairly similar to a ....

.....a Land Speeder?


Dude. Land Speeders do not fly more than a few inches above the ground. A big tip off that this is the case? They are not enclosed. You just created a scene where the equivalent of a golf cart flies through space.

just sayin'

*also? in SW they just call them "ships" Calling them spaceships is kinda like calling a car a "horseless carriage."

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