Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bad Numbers

Charlie is explaining stuff to Don and LAPD guy by talking about groups of high school students coming into a cafeteria at lunch time. Cheerleaders. Then Jocks. Then "mathematicians." ie - nerds. I get the cheerleaders and jocks being girls and boys respectively, but why the hell are all the "mathematicians" boys?


Anonymous said...

good catch!

I found your blog by googling "numb3rs sexist," not because I thought the show was sexist, but because it is very sympathetic to conservative ideology, as are most cop shows, and usually sexism can be found where the conservative ideology is found. That's not to say this show does not try to present both sides.. let's just say its not as bad as House.

Mickle said...

See, I noticed mostly bc Numbers is usually much better than that.

Last week's episode was much, much better in terms of gender roles, as was the week before. I am totally loving Liz and Nikki pairing up and Amita persuading Charlie about something is always good to see.