Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Criminal Minds at Paley Center - Introduction

First, Monday night was awesome.

Secondly, I drove, like, all over SoCal that day - including going out for drinks all the way out at Shoreline Village in Long Beach after the seminar. Which means I'm still recovering. Which means this recap is much later than I'd meant for it to be. Which means my memory may be fading already. Which means that in order to avoid misquoting people: *this* means they said something sort of similar to what is between the asterix while "this" means that they said exactly what is between the quotes.

Now - onto the recap!

Before they brought the cast and crew onstage, they showed us tonight's episode, which was very good. It was lots of fun to watch in a theatre full of fans. It also went by really quickly. Even though I watch everything on TiVo now, so I'm used to no commericals, I tend to pause a lot to get up for snacks or even to rewind scenes because they were just that awesome so the ending kinda snuck up on me. (The quickness of it, not the general way it ended.)

But I digress. The ep was good. (Reid tells a joke. To a class full of students. I shit you not. And it goes over about as well as you expect it to. And this week's shoutout goes to Numb3rs. And interestingly enough, it is more of a shoutout than a pointing and laughing kind of thing. There was a little bit of mockery, but much less than CSI got.) The ep was really good, actually. No surprise there.

Even better, though, was when it was over and they brought everyone out!

Kristen came first, then AJ, Ed, and Deborah. Which made sense because then no one had to walk past anyone else to get to their chairs. But then they mixed it all up and out came Matthew (who practically bounded down the stairs) then Shemar, Paget, Thomas, and Joe - except that they all sat in the reverse order. (It may be that Kristen, AJ, Ed and Deborah are the smart ones of the group and Matthew and the rest simply messed everything up by sitting in the first seat instead of the last. Or it may be that the Paley Center wasn't really thinking logistically. dunno.)

The point of this excess of information being that everyone in the front row had to awkwardly squeeze past increasingly more people to get to their seat - which lead to Thomas doing a fake dive past Matthew, Shemar, and Paget towards his chair.

Thomas Gibson? Is an absolute freakin' clown.

(and I mean the funny kind, not the scary serial killer kind.)

Sadly, I shall have to leave you hanging for now.

More to come, I promise!

Edited to correct Deborah Spera's name and to include Paget - how did I forget Paget!!!!!!??????


Mana G said...

I have loved Thomas Gibson since the Dharma & Greg days. I'm glad you got to go; I watched Criminal Minds obsessively back when it had Mandy Patinkin, but I fear I've fallen off a lot lately. Which is sad, because Reid is the most adorable thing in the world, and, again, I do love Thomas Gibson. Not to mention Garcia. Actually, come to think of it, I did start really ignoring the show after the "Garcia is shot" cliffhanger...I figured she was going to make it, but things about that episode upset me. (And, if she wasn't going to make it, I'd have given up the show, anyway.)
I can't wait to hear more about what it was like!

Anonymous said...

Would love to have been at Paley Center watching the cast of CM.
So Thomas Gibson is funny...who would have thought, I would love to hear more....thanks

Mickle said...

Mana - you must start watching again! It's even better now, imho - especially once Rossi stopped being such an ass.

anon- I will post more when I have the time I promise!

If you go over to the criminalxminds community on lj, though, someone was able to post some videos. I haven't had a chance to check out the quality, but assuming they are watchable, I would reccommend going there as well. The cast and crew will all be much funnier themselves than my recaps of them will be.