Monday, January 09, 2006

The Green Books are Right Over Here

One of our former managers used to joke that he wanted to re-organize all the books by color. One bookcase full of just red books, another with only yellow books, etc.

Why? Because of exchanges like this:

"Hi, how can I help you?"

"Well, I'm looking for a book"

(That's good - since that's what we sell)

"What book are you looking for?"

"Well, I can't remember the author...or the title...."

(Oh goody) - "What about it do you remember?"

"It had a red cover, I think, with gold letters."

(And that helps just so much)

"Do you remember anything else about it, like what it was about?"

"I think it was about hope, or starting over*, or.....maybe, you know, relationships or something."

(Oh, well, that clears everything right up)

"Um, anything else?"

" haven't heard of it?"

What is really frightening is that sometimes something will click and we'll ask "Do you mean (random bestselling title that was on Oprah a few weeks ago and/or was written by a someone famous)?" and we'll be right.

*'Course, in the kid's section, this would most likely be "it has a dog in it" because, you know, there's so few of those in my department.

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