Tuesday, February 07, 2006

No, Wait

This one is my favorite.

Or maybe this one.

No, definitely this one. (Yeah...I'll check the back for you, you just wait here.)


lost clown said...

Those are awesome. I've put some time in working at bookstores (I love the smell of books) and can empathise completely. Awesome, thanks.

Mickle said...

they just keep cracking me up

and thet're much funnier in comic form than my written rants

You also might like Queen of Wands. It's about three firends that live together - the main character is a geek girl who works in tech.

lost clown said...

I'm in love with Kestral. We're very similar (minus the porn watching, I don't do that.) My friend who works as a computer support person loved that story arch.

Rad geek grrrls everywhere!