Friday, February 24, 2006

So Mad I Can't See Straight

So I made the mistake of reading some of the actual comments Twisty cites and I'm very very tempted to write to a bunch of them and tell them off. Apparently the assumption (by every single damn doctor on the forums) is that grandmother is wanting the teenagers in question to see a female ob/gyn because she doesn't trust the doctor - the very simple and obvious idea that a girl that age may not be confortable being so exposed to a strange man does not even enter into their minds. The children's comfort level is completely inconsequential as to not even be worth considering.

I really need to finally see an ob/gyn. It's something I've put off for far too long because of a combination of lack of health insurance and bad doctor's experiences. (Seriously, do you think my mother was going to be able to drag me to see on after what I was like after just visiting the cardiologist?) I was going to request a female ob/gyn before, but not be adamant about it. These assholes have changed my mind - male ob/gyn's seem to be dominating the discussion and be the ones making the most callous and self-centered remarks. Now, I'm going to be damn certain it's a woman I see - and if she doesn't make me feel comfortable enough, screw the co-pay, I'm ending the check-up and scheduling a new visit with a new doctor.

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