Monday, June 19, 2006

Coldstone's or Ben and Jerry's?

(via When Fangirls Attack, as always)

For Christ sake I was attacked for using the term "female" instead of "woman".
Oh my, do I get to take credit for this, or is it just a matter of great minds thinking alike?

I may have to buy myself an ice cream - just in case.
Somehow using the word that most accurately sums up both girls and women as a group makes me a misogynistic woman hater. But I can refer to men and males, and that's fine.
Ok, well he does have a point there.

And yet, there don't seem to be very many boys in comics, at least not compared to the number of "girls" - a not insiginificant number of whom are all grown up and have been for quite some time. So I can rather see where his detracters are coming from, and I don't think that, at the moment, it is unrealistically demanding to ask people to use the term females not just when they mean both girls and women, but when it will be obvious to others that they are referring to both children and adults - for everyone's sake. It's good to be clear - the problem is that common usuage of the term "females" has made that particular word anything but clear in most instances.

Besides is it really going to kill you to type eight more characters?

(Well, apparently, it's much more of a task than forgetting you ever liked any of the characters and comics put out by one of the biggest and most well-known comics publishers in the nation (world?) because the people in charge of the company keep proving that they veer towards "asshat." Oh, no, Scott, you weren't being a tool at all - it's all the fault of those damn feminiazis)

Updated to add:

Scott is also being terribly inconsistent here. He claims that he was using the terms males and females to make it clear that he was talking about children and adults, but his initial complaint equates "female" with "woman" not "girl or woman."

I've said before that the unnecessary use of the term "females" bugs the shit out of me; since we're on the subject of consistency, I'd like to take this opportunity to make it clear that I'm not overly fond of the term "males" when used a synonym for "men and boys" either. It doesn't come across as nearly as derogatory as "females" - partly because it's used much less often. However, since it is most often used when one is discussing gender differences, it's purpose is usually to reduce people to their biology - not to save typing time or be more precise. I'm against this for obvious reasons.

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