Friday, June 23, 2006

Things I Want to Write About But I Don't Have the Time (Yet)

Why I love my alma mater (inspired by Ragnell's post about joining the military and some of what's been going on at Girl

My first impression of Gail Simone's Bird's of Prey. (short version: yes, I like it)

Why Y: The Last Man has me hooked despite the fact that when I first heard the premise I thought I was going to barf and I still have some serious issues with it. (hint: I'd be interpreting it completely differently if I hadn't read Runaways and met Gertrude first)

Misogyny in Disney's Pirate's of the Carribean ride - and why the changes actualy made it worse. (grrr..this one is half done and I really want to finish it in time for the release of the new movie)

Net Neutrality and how copyright issues got me reading blogs in the first place. (yeah...this was supposed to be done in time to actually attempt to raise awareness about the law being voted on today)

That really cute thing my niece did the other day.

Oh...and there was that summer reading thing.....and I have tons of ideas for this too.

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