Monday, October 23, 2006

Today's Random Thought

This is what I learned in grade school:

Plants need sun. If you put them in the dark, they die.

Carnations naturally come in a variety of finite colors. One of them is white. If you put a white carnation in colored water, it will get colored streaks along it's petals to match the water. It's stem will turn a slightly different shade as well. Carnations of every hue will in fact, get different shaded streaks if they are put in colored water, white is just more dramatic. (I'm not sure how well watering a planted carnation with colored water works...)

It seems to me that most people who toss out statements like "the fact is that we are driven by our biology in much the same way as other species" would like to pretend that nature vs. nurture works in ways that follow only the the "plants die without sun" simple cause and effect lesson, when in reality it's complex in ways that put the "what color carnations are possible?" question to shame.

But maybe that's just me.

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