Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh Good Lord

Someone is trying to make my brain explode.

Originally Posted by EmeraldGuy32
I think she's refering to the [strippers] that aren't actually whores.

wh...who would want one of those? what the hell is the point?

(I suspect Ragnell.)


Must. Finish. Homework.

although my post on why I started reading romance novels is obviously long overdue as well


Lyle said...

That sounds like a great post. I'd love to hear some reviews of romance novels from a feminist's perspective. I find that industry fascinating, even if I have a hard time getting into the material produced (I think superhero comics and soap operas have conditioned me never to accept endings to romances, there's so much interesting stuff that happens after they get together).

Mickle said...

grrr....I just accidentally killed my comment.

I'll repost it when Hw is done.

Colleen Gleason said...

Oooh! I'm waiting for the post too!

Finish the homework and then finish the post...inquiring minds (like mine!) are curious and interested.

Mickle said...


I though HW was done - then I saw a "discussion" at the very bottom of the blackboard page that I completely missed (it won't take long, but grrr....) and I'm already finding typos in the (what I thought was my absolute) last assignment. GRRR.

This is A) why procrastination is bad

and B) why actual classtime is a good thing for ADD people like me.

I am soooooo not liking this online shit - which I suppose would be ironic if I thought about it, but since I NEED SLEEP I'm not thinking about it.

Oh, well, I'm also not going to work tommorrow.
:p.... to you Big Box Bookstore, see what wonderful loyalty giving me full time hours but not fulltime pay and benefits has wrought.