Monday, March 12, 2007

Because I'm All About Procrastination Today

First, y'all should go check out Elizabeth Bear's stuff about Criminal Minds and screwing around with gender roles.

- I can't for the life of me remember who I first saw mention it , sorry. :(

I (heart) Reid. Have I mentioned that lately?

Ok, back now? Good.

So I was looking at my stats to see what blog entries people were actually bothering to read, and one of them happened to be this one. In it I mention how annoying it is when guys (non-boyfriend guys) put their hands on my back to guide me out of the way instead saying excuse me.

WTF? Where do they even learn that?

Anyhoo, I noticed Hotch (or was it Morgan?) doing that very same thing to another male character on Criminal Minds a few episodes ago and I thought "huh, that's weird, maybe guys do it to each other too."

And then I thought about it today in light of the all the evidence that the writers of Criminal Minds have all kinds of fun playing with gender roles and I thought "Dude! They are so deliberately screwing with us! I so want to meet whoever wrote that into the show!"

Or maybe I'm wrong and it is something guys do to each other too.



Melanie S. said...

I've seen guys do it to each other before, but rarely, and mostly when drunk. Also, only the very liberal ones.

(Er, and hi. I saw you comment on Pandagon once, and I'm a big fan of the Westmark books [so much better than Prydain and I can't believe they're less popular...] so I put you on my RSS feed.)

Mickle said...

"so much better than Prydain.."

aren't they though?

Owing in no small part, in my opinion, to the fact that Mickle is so much cooler than that Eloinwy (sp?) person.

and thanks!