Friday, March 16, 2007

Everyone Else Is Doing It

So, people are actually finding me through google instead of just because When Fangirls Attack, the Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans, and now Jade Reporting link to me sometimes.

Let's see if we think they found what they were looking for, shall we?

mary marvel fan service

doubtful, very doubtful

sue dibney rape

possibly, but again doubtful. there are a lot of people out there that are much more informed about this subject than I am

teenage boy tells stories about being a peeping tom looking in girls bedroom windows

again, very doubtful. very, very doubtful.

on the plus side, I'm actually slightly amused that someone who was trolling the internet for titilation was directed to these archives instead. since I'm not so sure I would have been amused at all by that a year ago when I wrote those posts, I'm taking that as a sign of progress.

politically correct sexual fantasies

um, ok. since I haven't posted any of my own sexual fantasies here, the answer is again "doubtful." since I'm also fairly certain that the kind of person who would type in such a search actually believes that "PC" means "walking on eggshells for overly sensitive people" as opposed to "a term that is mostly made-up" I'd say this gets bumped up to "very doubtful."

photo of andrew clements

sadly, that's a no. but at least we're in the same ballpark.

refuse male gyn

and we finally have a "possibly!"

jack and elizabeth fanfics

nope. especially since if I'm going to write Pirate's fanfic, I'm pairing Elizabeth with Will.

how to create search algorithims

at first I thought this was a "no way!" and then I realized it linked to my link to a post at She's Such a Geek! which talked about unintended sexim in google searches. so yay! a "maybe" and a "maybe someone learned something"

buffy getting fucked

most definitely not. go away.

can i see a slave being punished

then I suggest you do something about that. shame on me, but you won't find much help on that here. thanks for reminding me that I ought to do more posts about global feminist issues, such as human trafficking.

"women fighting back" and movies

and a "yes!" woohoo!

anime labels

I dunno. probably not.

y: the last man feminism

it feels so nice to be helpful

And that's all folks!

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