Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Things You Discover When You Should Be Sleeping

1) There are over 4,000 fan fiction stories based on the Animorphs series posted to

That makes it #6 in books.

What are numbers 1-5, you ask?

Well, you don't really need to be told that Harry Potter is #1

Lord of the Rings is #2

Twilight is #3

The Phantom of the Opera is #4

Tamora Pierce is #5

2) There are 9 stories posted to based on The Princess and the Goblin

What the hell kind of fan fiction does one write about The Princess and the Goblin?

Apparently, several are sequels written by people unaware that there is an actual sequel. Or that didn't get it. (Just for the record, I loved it. I was, however, no more than 10 at the time, if that matters.)

3) Someone made a movie? MUST SEE!

Final Thought: I'm amused by the number of stories on based on Eragon. Isn't that a bit redundant? Fan fiction based on Eragon, I mean?


Lake Desire said...

I'm glad folks are still writing Animorphs fanfiction. I really miss that series (it was MY LIFE during my formative years), and the ending begs for fans to pick up where Appplegate left off. I recall her speaking highly of fanfiction in interviews.

Mickle said...

Really? That's cool. I love it when kids writers are open to fan fiction, it shows they really understand kids and how they grow to become writers themselves. I know Scott Westerfeld and JK Rowling are relatively open to fanfiction/fanart/etc as well. - by kids anyway.

I never read the Animorphs, though - I suppose I ought to pick one up to see what they are like.