Sunday, January 13, 2008


Number 1 Reason Why the Playboy/WW Thing Annoys the Crap Out Me

(on the rare occasions that I think it's worth thinking about at all)

....are we to expect a naked, body-painted Batman on Playgirl in the months leading up to this Summer’s Dark Knight?

Pink Raygun

God, I hope so… I would totally buy that.

Liz - in the comments at The Beat.

As if.

and I seriously cannot read the rest of the comments because not two down from Liz's is another "sex is power!" comment. if sex is power then why is Playgirl such absolute crap?



Lyle said...

Hmm, okay, I could make a comment that would reveal that I've given the topic a whole lot of thought, but that could be TMI (nothing way too TMI, aside from admitting to knowing the topic).

Ami Angelwings said...

I agree with you about your frustrations and your other post on this. The "sex is power" thing is often so incredibly simplified and used just for men to claim "feminism" as a defense for objectifying women :\

Mickle said...

or for arguing that feminism is unnecessary to begin with....

and lyle, now you've got me curious. but i'll trust your judgement. :)