Sunday, January 06, 2008

Me Want Wii

I really wish I had more intelligent things to write about with regards to the latest issue of Cerise, but that's pretty much all I can think about after reading this article.

On a related and more depressing note, my father and I had the following (one-sided) conversation earlier today:

(important background - my new job means I'll have enough $ for an apartment within the next 2-4 months; I borrowed my brother's Playstation2 last March and he finally asked for it back a few weeks ago)

Me: "I hadn't realized how cheap dvd players had gotten in the last few years. Last time I looked it was only the knockoffs that were really cheap, the regular brands were still $100 or more. Now even the good brands are well below that."


Me: "You know what though, I saw a used Playstation2 advertised for not much more than that the other day. Now that the PS3 has been out for a while, they are really starting to come down. I might look into that and see if I can get one for about the same price as a dvd player."

Dad: starts listing off prices for dvd players that he's found online.


I kinda think that "dvd player/game console" will be taken off the list of "suggested housewarming presents" - I'm far too likely to get what my family thinks I'll use/want rather than what I really would use/want.

Although, to be fair, maybe he doesn't know the PS2s play dvds as well? (But we went through this the last time I moved out, when my younger brother and I shared an apartment - my brother convinced me that PS2 was the way to go and I was very glad he did.) In any case, I'm certain that he has no idea how many games I own.

(And yes, it's very spoiled of me to be expecting housewarming gifts above $20 - or at all, but I also know that my parents and older sister are going to be so thrilled when I finally move out that there's a decent chance I'll be getting such gifts from both of them. My older sister has already said as much when we were discussing Christmas gifts and lists - she pretty much told me that dvd player was too cheap, that it would make a better housewarming present than a Christmas gift, is there anything else I want?)


Revena said...

The Wii is pretty dang awesome, generally, but I think it definitely gets top marks for advertising campaigns amongst the consoles currently on the market.

Mickle said...

Seriously. Every ad I see makes me want one. :)

But then, as was discussed over at Feminist Gamers a few months ago - as a female "casual" gamer that has mostly played on borrowed consoles/friends' houses - I'm pretty much the exact demographic they are targeting, so I may be a bit biased. :)

100LittleDolls said...

Well, if a PS2 doesn't come your way, you should definitely treat yourself! I mean, there's the new job to celebrate and the new apartment--seems like more than enough reasons. ;)

Mickle said...

i plan to :)

I was trying to decide if I wanted to take advantage of some after xmas furniture sales and I decided that - unless I need it - I'd rather save for a Wii