Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Beware the Attacking Linkblogs!

This is probably not important enough for a post, but I cannot stop cracking up about this.

I think that the part that keeps giving me the giggles is that they registered a third contributer named "WFA" (who has no profile, as of yet) just so that they could sign the post "WFA" instead of "Kalinara" or "Ragnell the Foul."

'Cuz just when I start to get annoyed at the people that prompted the post, I picture Kalinara and/or Ranell realizing "oh, wait, we totally need to sign this WFA!" and then bothering to create a new contributer just so that they can get the point across. Which is just so awesome and so funny.

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KarenR said...

Heh, I LOL'd at this as well. I like the idea of posting as an entity or a group, not an individual. It allows for a lot more leeway.