Friday, August 17, 2007


I'm breaking my "no posting from work" rule today because OMG, I don't care that this is just a rumour, I can't not say


in response to the idea of Katies Holmes as Wonder Woman. (via Shakespeare's Sister)

I know that not everyone was thrilled with the idea of Whedon doing Wonder Woman, or some of the ideas he tossed around, and I could see a lot of their points. However, his leaving the project left with the sinking feeling that he and the money people were clashing over the no-brainer stuff rather than Whedon's style.

This rumor does little to reassure me that my suspicions are wrong.


Timothy Liebe said...

Please tell me this is a joke - or at best, wishful thinking on Katie Holmes Cruise's part.

Though, in an industry that could give serious consideration to Nicholas Cage as Superman(!!!), I suppose any insanity is possible....

Tim Liebe

Mickle said...

It's just a rumor.

It helps if you keep repeating that. :)