Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Have I Mentioned How Much I Love Sondheim Musicals?


I remember hearing a while ago that they were doing a movie version of Sweeney Todd.

But I didn't hear anything else for a while...

But OMG!

It's coming out this December!

And OMG!

Johnny Depp!

and Helena Bonham Carter

and Alan Rickman

(Harry Potter villains unite!)

Directed by Tim Burton!


What not to love about a Sondheim musical, that's directed by Tim Burton, stars Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Alan Rickman, and features the subtitle: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street?

Really, what?


Melanie S. said...

I'm a little worried about the singing bit, because I've never heard any of them try to sing. But other than that it should be great...

I'm wondering if they'll actually do the flagellation-to-orgasm scene with Alan Rickman. Hmm.

Melanie S. said...

Uh-oh...I just looked and its release date is January 11.

Melanie S. said...

Argh, last comment. Never mind, it's opening in LA on Dec. 21, which means they're trying for an Oscar, and then opens wide on Jan. 11. That's fine.

Kaite said...

I'm a bit 'eh' about it, although I love HBC. I'm terribly annoyed that I missed the London concert version (which was on for all of three days..)

Mickle said...
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Mickle said...

melanie - the singing worries me too, but I'm so excited about the rest of it that I don't care. :)

kaite - I'll admit that a part of my excitement is that I've yet to see any performance of it period, even though I've loved it for years, ever since I studied it in an interim class in college.

(edited because I just woke up and spelled kaite's name wrong at first)

Kaite said...

I'm new to the ST love, until I heard 'The Worst Pies in London' performed at a Sondheim concert a few weeks ago. Apparently there's a concert version with Patti Lupone on dvd, although I'm saving myself for the film. I have about three different cast recordings, but when I see it sung through, I want to be bowled over by the visuals as well as the music.

Apparently in the London version, Mrs Lovett (the fabulous Maria Friedman, Sondheim's British muse) wore Crocs. I'll leave you with that thought (and remind myself to make that 'women in musical theatre' blog post I've been talking about forever)