Saturday, March 11, 2006

Chase Me, Mugsy! Chase Me!

As I mentioned to earlier, there is nothing Precocious likes better than to try to get her doggies to play with her. Usually she tries to accomplish this by running up to one of them, running a few steps away, and giving them the command "Chase me! Chase me!"

Needless to say, this does jack shit.

After a while my sister will take pity on her and order to dogs to "Come here!' while walking away from them. Since her dogs do like to play, but are simply (justifiably) wary of the bundle of energy and noise* that is my two year-old niece, they will start to chase my sister. She then pulls Precocious along with her, and the dogs will start chasing her instead.

They are mostly indoor dogs, so the chasing is mostly done indoors. It helps a lot that the downstairs rooms all connect together, with the stairway to the bedrooms in the middle, making a nice loop where Precocious can be endlessly chased to her heart's content.

Usually the dogs will tire long before she does, but you can keep her going and happy at that point by simply hiding behind corners and jumping out at her.

*By "noise" I do not mean anything so babyish as squeals interrupted by the occasional word. No, Precocious mostly talks in multiple word phrases - often complete sentences. The constant noise is her maintaining a running commentary of whatever she happens to be doing at the moment, whatever anyone in her line of vision happens to be doing at the moment, and questions about the whereabouts of anyone not in her line of vision at the moment.

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