Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Love Cordless Phones

Time: Sunday night, an hour before closing

Location: The messiest part of the whole store - the toddler books

I bend down to straighten up the bottom shelf and rrrrrip - I feel and hear my pants split along the crotch seam. I checked and yes, the rip was very noticable. My underpants also happened to be a nice bright shade of green while the pants are/were beige.

I've had these pants for about a year and I wear and wash them about twice a week because they are comfy and I can't really afford new (sturdy) clothes that fit the dress code. I had noticed they were wearing thin "down there" - I have no idea why some of my pants insist on doing that - but I stuck my head in the sand and wore them anyway for the reasons listed above.

Luckily, all I had to do was dial "245" and ask a co-worker to bring me my sweater to wrap around my waist. Immediate problem solved.

Unfortunately, I that meant I needed to go shopping today and haven't had much time to blog against sexism. This is why I'm always late - because I always procrastinate and then something always comes up. :(

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