Sunday, March 12, 2006

On a Related Note

There are rights and wrongs
And in-betweens-
Why you do
What you do,
That's the point:
All the rest of it
Is chatter.
If the thing you do
Is pure in intent,
If it's meant,
And it's just a little bent,
Does it matter?
No, what matters is that
Everyone tells tiny lies.
What's important, really is, the size.

Only three more tries and we'll have our prize.
When the end's in sight,
You'll realize:
If the end is right,
It justifies
The beans!
Except it doesn't. Not because it's never ok to choose the lesser of two evils, but because if you try to argue that the ends justify the means, chances are you and I have a different definition of what the end goal is.

The point of fighting for abortion rights, after all, is not to win a victory over the Republicans, but to improve the lives of women and their families. So when the "means" increase the chance that women will be hurt the ends do not justify the means. And when you argue that it makes sense for men to support abortion rights because it may save them money, you are undermining the fundamental struggle. There are plenty of other ways for men to save money, after all, and very few of them make the world safer for women.

People who think that "women's issues" aren't "important shit" will never be better than the most dangerous of allies because the whole goal is to make people realize that "women's issues" (such as abortion rights) are "important shit."

It always amazes me how often this goes over people's heads. Sure we can work together on some things, like the USSR and the US during WWII, but we certainly aren't always going to work together. And such allies are welcome to say that we are working towards the wrong goals, but to then turn around and also lecture us on how we are stupid and naive and never going to get what we want if we don't always align ourselves with them is just fucking ridiculous.

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