Thursday, March 09, 2006

Promises, Promises

I promised cute stories, so here they are:

Precocious has decided that the shed behind my grandmother's house is a barn. We discovered this because she kept talking about "animals" when we were in the backyard. This is nothing new, as the zoo is her favorite place in the world, so it took a while before we started playing along.

"Where are there animals?"

Precocious toddles over to the shed, but stops a few feet away. "In there," she points. "Animals in there."

"What kind of animals? Are there Hippos in there?" My sister is obsessed with Hippos and so my neice talks about them a lot too.

"No, no Hippos. Dogs." Precocious, on the other hand, is obsessed with dogs. Her family has two small (but not yippy) dogs that she constantly tries to get to chase her (speaking off cute stories...).

"There are doggies in there?"

"And cats."

"Oh, wow, doggies and kitties, anything else?"


And then the light bulb goes off in all the adults' heads - aha! she thinks it's a barn.

"Let's go see the animals!" Precocious exclaims - cracking us all up because the inflection in her voice is so damn cute.

"Um, no sweetie....we can't....the animals are sleeping. They're taking a nap."

The second time we visited my grandmother, Precocious kept inching closer and closer to the doors and tried to peer in the cracks. I think I repeated the line about the animals "sleeping" a dozen times.

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