Sunday, May 20, 2007

I Am Amused

By the people essentially saying "ha! ha! I'm going to remember to buy that just to piss those feminists off!"

(A statement, btw, that does just so much to convince me that you buy such crap for the simple reason that you like looking at pretty girls and not all because you get off on degrading women.)

Dear dweebs, I'm really not so much caring that it sold out. Drop in the freakin' bucket my sweets.

I mean it's sad, but despite false accusations to the contrary, I do actually care about this a lot more than I care about you buying bad art.

I'm not terribly overwrought because I know that you, personally, buy ugly statues. This may come as a shock to you, but I don't really care about you that much at all. Certainly not if you are going to demonstrate such bad taste.

What I do care about is that it doesn't seem to be possible to buy anything but crap like that. I care that I don't get my pinup of Dr. Reid. And that most everyone pretends as if this:

is somehow an adequate consolation prize.

Seriously, people - that's supposed to be sexy????? Wha? Huh? How?

Please do explain. I rather think I'd find the attempt amusing as well.

And needless to say I could do with some humor about now. I'm trying really hard not to take potshots and the people over at Whedonesque who actually do mean well, but can't seem to stop themselves from saying "gee whiz Joss, I'm so glad that you're not shrill like all those other feminists" - over and over again.

Plus, I have a feeling your lame attempts at doing so will give me really good examples of why the idea that that is appealing to women does in fact have more to do with Dua Khalil's brutal, public murder than most people want to admit.


Lyle said...

Y'know I often get a gay panic vibe from those who argue that men and women are sexualized equally in superhero comics, as if part of the point is to prove that they can't tell the difference between a Calvin Klein underwear ad and The Thing's state of undress (I've been in too many discussions where The Thing was brought up as a counterpoint to Witchblade).

As for buying that statue out of spite, well I guess if you have $150 (or whatever, that's what I've seen of statue prices) to spend on something you don't want simply out of spite... well, good for your bank account.

Ami Angelwings said...

It's funny that a lot of the ppl who are saying that "OMG MEN ARE SO SMEXUALIZED IN COMICS" are also ppl who throw around "gay" as a derogatory term. :\

So they dun like gay ppl, and are afraid of being gay themselves, yet they can give us an opinion that the men are rly smexy. :o

Um.. how about you leave that to the ppl who are attracted to men? XD

And honestly, if they want to spend around $150 US on a statue to spite ppl. XD They're welcome to XD

It's not my money >.>;;

They'll prolly end up packing it away in the garage in a few months neways. And then when they see that new game system they want, they'll wonder if that $150 could have been spent better XDD

Mickle said...

to be fair -, if you follow through on the link, it's more like "oh, yeah, I was gonna buy that - now I really need to!"

Since I never really understood the statue thing anyway (if I'm going to spend that kind of money on a person shaped object, I will buy another American Girl Doll for my niece and nephew to play with) my general reaction was just kinda "huh?"