Saturday, May 26, 2007

Some People

seem to have the impression that Heroes for Hire is not aimed at women.

If the follow-up to a comic that gets ball-cracking-feminazi Karen Healey's stamp of approval* is not "aimed at women" what the fuck is?

(And do you not get that by arguing that we are so invisible as to not even be worth considering when it comes to even comics like this that you are making our point for us?)

You may keep your tentacle porn for all I care, some of my best friends enjoy tentacle porn.

But for the love of baby Jesus and cute puppies everywhere, is it really necessary to turn this into this, much less this?

(I'd argue to keep the 'fing bondage and sexual violence away from rape victims - or at least be smart enough to not consider soft focused depictions of them a selling point - but that puts you in rather a conundrum now doesn't it?)

*well, ok, so the nipple thing. But that hardly contradicts the point. And yeah, H4H is not the same thing as DotD, but one would think that a certain amount of crossover between audiences would be the goal.


Betty said...

Although Karen is capable of many things, I do not believe she has plans to invade Poland.

Ami Angelwings said...

I enjoy porn too (I do >.>;;) but I dun want to see it in my comics or video games. :\

I'm honestly tired of pseudo porn showing up in everything!

When I play a fighting game, I want to play fighting.. I dun want to have to watch breasts and stuff flop all over the place. :( Same with comics. :\ When I want porn, I'll go watch porn >:O

Mickle said...


(just because I know humor doesn't come across very well on the internets - mine especially for some reason) you are making a joke back at mine, right?

if yes, very lol


yup yup yup

I think porn and comics and video games can mix, just not all the time

and I'd really like some of it to be (hetero) female centered porn god dammit!

and the Anita Blake comic doesn't count bc it's so bloody awful. (yes, I've been watching Buffy and therefore listening to Giles and Spike quite a bit recently, why do you ask?)