Monday, May 21, 2007


CBS has trailers for their new fall shows up (from Lyle) and I so can't wait for September. Mostly 'cuz this just looks sooooooo cool.

I mean, it's like Two Guys and a Girl (and a Pizza Place) - only without the funny. And better yet, this time only the chick is hot!

And really, who cares that their marketing department is apparently unaware of the fact that quarks are a subatomic particles, as long as their set crew can totally copy from college textbooks, it's all good!

Plus, it's called The Big Bang Theory. Get it? The Big Bang Theory. How perfect is that?

I am soooo looking forward to that very special episode where Short Geek learns that Hot Chick has special talents all her own. (No, not those kinds of talents, you dirty boy.) I'll bet puppies are somehow involved. I love puppies.

Who wants to take bets on who she kisses first? I'll bet it's shy boy - but only on the cheek. (No, not that cheek. You're so rude!) And he'll totally freak out. I can't decide if he'll swear to never wash that cheek again, or start praying for Allah to save him from temptation. What do you think?

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