Monday, October 29, 2007

Anonymous Cowards

So, I just googled my real name (for slightly random reasons that are partly to do with a career workshop I was just at) and discovered that

1) most of the first page is not about anyone with my real name, but about an actress that shares my last name who played a character who shares my first name.

2) The first real mention of me was of an award I forgot that I had received. What makes it extra cool is that it's from grad school - which I dropped out of - which actually makes it good to mention because it helps to show that I simply refined what I wanted to do rather than completely changed course or completely flunked out.

CLA also reminded me that I keep forgetting to put down that I've presented a paper at a conference before. Which is part of what made this conference kinda of a weird experience. I've never been to a conference for work before, but I've been to a couple similar things for school, I've tagged along with my dad to one of his before, and with my mom to a couple of hers*, I've presented a paper at one myself before (as a student) and I've even helped my dad and the team he was working with teach full day workshops. I realized once it was all over that I wasn't at all nervous about what to expect, which is weird for me when I'm going to public things like this for the first time. But, really, it wasn't the first time, which is why I was so very not nervous at all.

2) The second is also from grad school - and includes a really bad picture of me.

3) The third is from undergraduate. (Not so) Boring school stuff. A better picture of me. I actually really wish I could share this. It was lots of fun. :)

4) My real name is in no way connected to this blog. Except in the google search I just did. Heh.

5) My alma mater finally deleted my first web page. Written all in html - text only - and uploaded using pine and FTP transfer. I hope I have a copy somewhere.....

One last question. Because of #1, I'm guessing any prospective employer googling my name will add stuff to it to try to find me and not the actress. But I can't think of what - any ideas?

*Yeah, I know you aren't technically supposed to be able to do that. When I went with my dad, it was being held at the Anaheim convention center. We parked at the convention center, I went to Disneyland, he went to the convention, we met for lunch, etc. I wasn't actually "at" the convention, but I spent some time wandering around the convention center and peeking into meeting rooms while I was there. When I went with my mom, it was for a kid's lit conference that's held every year at a local private college. One of her co-workers wasn't able to make it to the dinner, so I got the co-worker's ticket.

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