Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Stupid, It Burns!

I have all kinds of shit to do, but once I'm done, Rabinov is getting fucking skewered for voluntary providing quotes such as

"It's tricky," he said. "It may have been too rough for women, and we didn't get the reviews we had expected."

re: the "failure" of The Brave One.

Soooooooooo.......................the only two movies (The Brave One and Resident Evil 3) that I've been tempted to see in the last month both feature women doling out lots and lots of violence, but the reason why I didn't shell out $20 bucks to see them isn't because they scheduled them the same time as when my shows were starting back up. It's also certainly not because every time I thought to try to fit one into my insane schedule, I though "fuck it. you know they probably screwed it up anyway. Wait until the dvd when it's not so damn disappointing that they did. In the meantime, finish off those Fullmetal Alchemist episodes that are still on the TiVo."

Oh, and The Brave One is a "failure" despite making money back and, more importantly, putting WB in the running for an Oscar.

Robinov said he would happily make Nikki Caro's noble failure "North Country," starring Charlize Theron, again.

Good for him. Next time, though, he might want to let someone who is not a douche have a crack at it. Maybe then we'll get a good film rather than just a ok one.

And Robinov is still seeking the right script and star for a "Wonder Woman" feature, which has been in development for a decade.

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(via nimbus in the comments at Written World)

He says this shit like we're supposed to applaud him for it, and I'm actually supposed to believe that he never said that other stupid thing?


Lyle said...

I'm reminded of a message board rant I made a few years back about the media treatment of Terminator 3 and Charlie's Angels 2 -- I was playing a box office prediction game so I could roll through the stats to say that they two films were pretty close to each other in performance. T3 had a bigger opening weekend, but when turned into stats the major measures were pretty close (final Box Office vs. production budget, how frontloaded the box office was).

However, in the media Charlie's Angels was a bomb that justified questioning if any of its female stars are worth their salaries. T3 was never looked at that way in any major media.

I'm reminded of how one of the Watergate (IIRC) lawyers said she knew she had to do an extremely good job because if she didn't people would use her as justification for not hiring a woman, even though it'd be ridiculous to point to a job done badly by a white man and say "Well, I'll never hire a man for the job again."

Mickle said...

It's sad, but it's true. And women of course, are not the only people this happens to. We just have the advantage of being able to say "um, we make up half the population, but only 10% of [whatever]."

It's not always the best argument, or the real reason why we care, but does sometimes make people stop and think and admit that something fishy is going on. Which, in turn, sometimes makes them more open to the better arguments when the proof isn't quite so "duh."

Anonymous said...

The Brave One is an awesome movie with great direction and of course Jodie Foster is amazing in it. WB just did a shitty job advertising it. Definitely go see it at a dollar theater or rent it when it comes out on DVD.

Mickle said...

I really need to learn to just ignore the ads and go see anything Jodie Foster is in, because she has yet to pick a script I don't like. Not since she became old enough to vote, anyway.