Monday, October 29, 2007

I Knew This Would Be the Case

I'm bored. So I turned on The Big Bang Theory to see how bad it would be.

The problem is

A) I love Sheldon, not the other dude that we are supposed to relate to and like.

B) Sheldon's costume - The Doppler Effect - has to be one of the best costumes ever.

C) I want to be at the party were everyone recognizes the awesomeness of his costume and creates a prize for "the costume that best visualizes a scientific principle" just because it's that awesome. I don't want to be at the party they go to in the show.

And yes, A-C have everything do with the fact that, as a first-year, I was awarded "Most likely to explain a scientific principle during dinner" - or something of the sort. (I'm sure it was funnier than that.)

I want to love this show so much! Because the science jokes are soo effing funny! But everything else? badBADBAD!

Oh, and, gee, not sexist at all:

"But in the information age, we are the alpha males!" No, you're still the dipshits. Sexy men don't resort to evo psych and Nice Guy arguments. And way to spoil one of the few nice moments with a rape joke/nice guy lament, assholes.

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