Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Note to "Leaders" Declaring Premature Victory

Wildfires stripping hillsides bare in the fall? Cue to mudslides in winter - provided we actually get rain.


Veronica said...

Here's wishing very cold winds & lots of rain soon for you & SD.

Mickle said...

thanks :)

One of the moms that comes in posted to an online message board today, so I know at least one of the families I've gotten to know is staying with friends instead of in a shelter. Not that the shelter's aren't doing a fantastic job, it's just that it's nicer to be with friends and in a more familiar environment.

I want to help, but I'm not terribly certain of my own financial sitch at the moment, and RedCross only wants cash. :(

I'm thinking of driving to to closest shelter on Friday - if people still can't go home - and seeing if here is anything I can do.