Monday, October 22, 2007

Correct Me If I'm Wrong, But...

(spoilers spoilers spoilers....that you've probably heard already anyway)

.........when people are unconscious or dead, their knees tend to not do this:


At least Bucky's knee could conceivably be resting against his other one. But Big Barda? How the fuck did she fall that way, and why didn't gravity pull her knee down?

Dear comic people, if you want us to stop picking on you, you might at least consider showing superheroines actually looking dead when you kill them, rather than like a maiden protesting her imminent deflowering.

Now I realize this isn't exactly the most important thing to complain about, but it seems pretty typical for the particular way in which writers, artists, and editors in comics can be incredibly stupid beyond belief.

Oh, and Bellatrys, here's another thing to add to your list: note how we are at eye level with Bucky, even though he's lying on the ground, but we are practically looking through a hole in the ceiling down at Big Barda.

In other news.

Oh, my God.....He makes you do chores?!?

I still love Runaways.

And, can Brian and Joss just write all the superhero kids from now on? Cuz' that would improve Heroes immensely.

Edited: Because I obviously know nothing about Captain America other than that he died. :)


Reb said...

...the other dude in the picture with Barda looks more like he's face palming than grieving. That probably doesn't help express the levity of the situation, either.

Elf_Girl said...

I just wanted to make a minor correction to this. That's actually Winter Soldier (aka Bucky), not Cap in the second cover.

Otherwise, I agree! :)

Mickle said...

Obviously, I know nothing about comics that don't start with "Run" and end with "aways." :)