Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

The story of my life.

I started this on Monday for Blog to Raise Awareness About Sexual Violence Day and I just finished it a little while ago. When I started, I thought it would be a few pages long.

It's 14.

Once I started, I couldn't stop, and I didn't want to post it until it was done. (I'm still very nervous about posting it - you'll see why.) Since it is so very long, I'm going to post in in short chapters over the next few days or weeks, I'm not sure yet. I hope to fix my sidebars soon so that I have catagories, and make this it's own, but since I don't trust myself to do that anytime soon, I'll keep updating this entry with links to each chapter as it's published.

At least you all will have something new from me for a while, even if it is depressing.

Why Feminism?

Part 1: A Room of One's Own

Part 2: Monsters

Part 3: The Pain and the Great One

Part 4: Then Again, Maybe I Won't

Part 5: My Superpower was Invisibility

Part 6: Grown-ups are Stupid

Part 7: Do What I Say, Not What I Do

Part 8: I'm the Boss of You

Part 9: Bitch, with Honors

Part 10: Girls Will be Girls

Part 11: Speak

Part 12: But He Was Such a Nice Boy...

Part 13: Rape is a Weapon


le lyons said...

Thanks for participating Mickle! I have linked to you and I will definitely come back to read the rest of your story. I wanted to give you a link to another blogger who has posted her story in installments:

It's definitely an approach that works. Again, thanks for speaking out!!

MickieG said...

Tim - I loved your truck - Fox Lake - You Loved Me - You took me in the water, we made love - i loved you in me, you loved me all with you - you will never love another like me - your heart aches for my love - you will never see me again...

MickieG said...

an approach -

I was about 2 when the person I trusted gained entrance to my family.
He molested my two older sisters before anyone took notice. He was a very bad person. I'm worried that he is still out there.

MickieG said...

who can fix this?