Thursday, April 20, 2006

What Would Mommy Say?

To give everyone (myself included) a break from bad childhood memories, I thought I'd share some toddler cuteness.


My parents went to my sister's for Easter. Apparently, Precocious had tons of fun hunting easter eggs. Unfortunately, so did the dogs - they ate two of them. Cuddles tried to eat his with the shell intact, because that's what babies do, and stained his face blue as a result. Not content with merely hard-boiled eggs, Precocious asked her mom when she could have some of the candy in her basket. Silly Mommy said "After breakfast" and nothing more. After breakfast the grown-ups hear someone rustling around in the easter baskets and go to investigate, thinking that it's probably the dogs. It's Precocious, eating the biggest chocolate bunny in her basket.


One of the days she was there, my mom was down in the basement alone with the kids and Precocious starts jumping on the footstool.

"What would Daddy say if he saw you doing that?"

"Stop jumping!" Precocious replies, as she jumps up and down.

"What would Mommy say if she saw you doing that?"

"Get down, please." Precocious replies, as she jumps up and down.

The kid must have a thing for footstools because the last time she was here she kept laying on ours and sliding face first down to the ground.

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