Friday, April 21, 2006

Why Aren't There any Good Books for Pre-Teen Boys on Puberty?

While I'm not even going to try to all of dissect this* (via When Fangirls Attack) I would like to note that the author refers to Our Bodies, Ourselves as "voodoo pop."

Since it seems fairly obvious to me that The Care and Keeping of You is a direct descendant of Our Bodies, Ourselves, and since half the time the parents** asking me the question stated above tack on "like that American Girl book" at the end, I'd think the answer to the question in the title should be pretty obvious as well.

Anti-feminists and pseudo-feminists can rant all they want about brainwashing and radical feminists hating boys and men, I know who is really hurting the little boys that come into my store, and who is doing their best to help them - despite everyone else.

*I've been informed by a reader that the first link caused their browser to crash. It's rather large, so even if it doesn't it may take a while to load. It's a very long rant about feminism (and a lot of other things) by Dave Sim, creator and self-publisher of Cerebus, a long running graphic novel.

**I've said elsewhere that most parents asking me questions are mothers, and that when Johnny is having trouble reading, it's always the mother, never the father. Interestingly enough, I'd say about half the time I'm usually asked "the books on puberty for boys" question, both parents are present but the mother still usually does the asking.


yami mcmoots said...

FYI, that first link seems to crash my browser (Firefox for Mac) - others might wish to be wary of it.

Mickle said...

Hmm, it took a while for it to load on my computer, so I'm not surprised.

Thanks for the heads up.