Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why Feminism? (Part 2)


I had walked back into my room after taking a shower and was in the middle of getting dressed when I noticed him hiding under the bed. I was pissed, of course. I would have been only annoyed at him if he hadn’t messed up and stayed under the bed even after he realized I was getting dressed. So instead I was livid – and embarrassed. I yelled. He left – faster than a speeding bullet.

It didn’t occur to me until much, much later that he had timed it that way on purpose.

I would get out of the shower to find the bathroom window pulled down. (Can’t see through frosted glass). He would be perched on the tall planter beside the window, looking in.

I would find my blinds cracked open, and he would be outside, hiding.

And of course, always under the bed – like a childhood monster come to life.


lost clown said...

ugh. I'm sorry dear.

Mickle said...


I'm just realizing that one of the things I've always needed, but was never able to get, because it wasn't something I could talk about it, was sympathy.

So thanks again.