Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"The Themes of ADD..."

"...inconsistency, and inconsistency again, creativity, provocative behavior, winning personality, varying motivation, exasperating forgetfulness, disorganization and indifference, underacheivement, impulsivity, and the search for excitement rather than discilipline."

from Driven to Distraction by Dr. Hollowell and Dr. Ratey

Aside from the "winning personality" (huh?) - yeah, that's me exactly.

So - sorry for the disapearing act.

I'd promise not to do it again, but there's a few other things I need to work on more - like getting my bills paid on time, getting a decent job, etc.

Thanks to everyone who kept checking in to see if I'd be back. I'll try to make the effort worth it in the near future.

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