Sunday, July 29, 2007


Hear ye, Hear ye,

Queen Augusta of Westmark proclaims that on the Sixteenth of August, 2007, The Kingdom of Westmark will host the Carnival for Feminist Fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy. All citizens of Westmark and her allies are hereby invited to participate in this Fantastical Pangynaskeia. In honor of her majesty's bravery, and in response to recent controversies, this month's Carnival will focus on "chicks with swords" - or any other type of heroine and her favored weaponry.

In order to further the education of the general populace and promote democratic debate, scholars of all backgrounds and education levels are welcome to participate. Please send any papers you would like to present in advance to Queen Augusta at QMickle at gmail dot com, by sundown on the Thirteenth of August, so that the royal aides may coordinate the day's festivities for the maximum enjoyment of all. Papers of all lengths are welcome, as long as they are written between the Thirtieth of June and the Thirteenth of August, and need not be on any topic more specific than the general theme of Feminism and Science Fiction and Fantasy.

PS - Queen Mickle would like to apologize for the late announcement. The arrival of one Harry Potter caused no little amount of disarray within the court. We are much recovered now, however, so the Carnival should proceed as currently scheduled without any further delays.


Nenena said...

What about posts that were written during the time between the previous submission deadline (June 29th) and today (July 30th)?

And yes, I am asking this because I wrote a post that I was hoping to submit. ;)

Mickle said...

Yes, those are good!

It's confusing to read bc I wrote it all out in words, but the post does say that posts between June 30th and and August 13th are all good.

(I double checked!)

Nenena said...

Oh, woops. I read "June" as "July." My apologies!