Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More on Plastic Pixels

First, to remind us all (on the odd chance that we need reminding) why this is so important to talk about, I'd like to share with you the conversation I had last night with my dad, who usually puts up with my rambling by just nodding along.


So this site had a before and after picture of a photoshopped magazine cover, and some stupid people are arguing that it's really a composite of two pictures, even though that wouldn't make sense, because it's usually harder to do. There's all sorts of patterns on her dress that would be hard to match up.

Dad: uh-huh

Me: They're arguing that they made her torso smaller by copying from another photo where her posture is different, instead of just squishing it, which would be much easier.

Dad: uh-huh ........wait - what?

Me: what?

Dad: They did what?

Me: They made her torso skinnier. And her arms and a bunch of stuff like that.

Dad: What magazine was this?

Me: Oh, some women's magazine (checks computer) - Redbook

Dad: But not, like, a news magazine or anything. They don't do that.

Me: Well, that depends.

Dad: ...like Newsweek....

Me: That depends on who's on the cover. If it's a headshot of someone like Obama, they'll touch it up a little...

Dad: Like, if he had a zit that day, they'll cover it up.

Me:...mostly, yeah. Depends. But if it's someone like even Katie Couric, they'll totally make her skinnier than she is.

Dad: Really?

Me: Really.

Dad: (makes a sound of disgust and turns back to his newspaper)

I'd also like to clarify why I think it's important to realize that the images below are from the same photo. Someone else has suggested that the second arm is taken from another photo rather than copied from another part of the same picture. That's possible; and it's pretty irrelevant to the point.

The point is that not only is she "retouched" she's retouched in a way so that her posture is impossible. Not only is she photoshopped in a way that each different angle of her body is not just possible within a single pose, but the "angle" of her back is just not possible, period. There's not enough room left between her back and her front to make room for all her organs. There's not room left in her back for her shoulder muscles, no matter if she's standing upright or leaning over.

No wonder why so many idiots think that artwork like Turner's is simply "idealized" rather than "freaky" - even the photos we all see every day do the same general thing.

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