Monday, July 02, 2007


This deserves a longer and more emphatic response, but since I need to be at work in five hours and my brain is mush, for now I'm just going to say:

In direct opposition to my previous post, I'm taking a hard stand on this topic. Cheryl is right. And a lot of people are being dumb and are demonstrating that it's not just fanboys that can exercise privilege.

Seriously people, how hard is it to say "Gee, I hadn't thought of that. I'll have to go ponder my ignorance for a while and see if it changes my opinion." ??

And Cheryl - some of us are listening, we just aren't always sure how to add to the conversation and forget that sometimes "Hey! look at this!" or "Oooohh. Good point!" or even "Peoples, please. Think of someone other than yourself for a change," is all that's really needed.


bellatrys said...


I've noticed some serious Privilegeboy behavior among white femfans when it comes to race. The fact that the guys in charge of keeping the fandom media gateways are just as bad (and defensive about the privilege they claim not to have, too) isn't any consolation.

Also, I don't know if you saw this when it came out, but some non-fandom discussion on the whole "oh you silly feminists, you're wasting your energy debating trivial sexism instead of REAL sexism," this case in re the series of "You poke it, you own it" "Man Law" commercials for beer.

It's a tactic they keep trying, which is why it is a Bingo Square...

Mickle said...

I read Pandagon regularly, but I must have been hibernating from the internet at that time because I missed it. Thanks for the heads up, it was a good post.

bellatrys said...

You're welcome - I know what you mean, it's like there's only so many hours to read in a day! (And plus when you're reading you can't work on other things very Beings of Pure Energy have this problem I wonder?)

Also I think we need a field guide to the Common Concern Troll and its variant species, to go along with the bingo cards...