Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Me, I Was 12. And You?

Over at Dr. Petra Boynton's blog, an interesting discussion of "The sex Education Issues Parents Worry About" (via the 27th Carnival to End Sexual Violence)

One of them is:

Teaching them about sex will encourage kids to experiment

I. Do. Not. Get. That.

Especially since it's generally girls that are more worried about having sex than boys.

Comprehensive sex ed teaches kids that sex can be dangerous. It gives kids facts that they can then spit out at their ignorant peers. Not a fool-proof method of deterring peer pressure, to be sure, but a decent tool to have, nonetheless.

Even something as riske as being exposed to positive images of sex (by virtue of the fact that they tend to not ignore female pleasure quite as much as as the negative ones kids see all the time do) makes it less likely that teen girls will fall victim to the modern day version of "How little that which thou deniest me is." They are much less likely to see it as "no big deal" and more likely to experiment in ways that minimize risk and maximize the possibility of pleasure.


I take it back.

That's why sex ed scares parents so. They can handle the idea of little Johnny masturbating - they make jokes about it all the time in movies - but they can't handle the idea that little Janey might want to as well.

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