Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Just Nod and Smile

So, I know I'm the only one that ever cared about this, (and that it is again a Thursday and not a Wednesday) but I need something to make me write more about books. Partly because maybe then I'll take a big chunk out of my TBR pile.

So, today's Wednesday Words of Wisdom come from Into the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst, which I picked up because

a) I'm a sucker for retold fairy tales.

b) The title reminded me of one of my favorites: Into the Woods (I'm a sucker for anything Sondheim as well)


c) Tamora Pierce raved about it

Oddly enough, today's quote has nothing to do with fairy tales, and everything to do with working in the service industry:

The problem with being a hairdresser, Zel thought, was that you had to listen politely to everyone's pet theories, right or wrong.

And yes, today's quote takes up less than a fourth of the post.

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