Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter Update (Store Stuff, Not Spoilers)

Just a few notes in case anyone is interested.

The store's capacity is 1,000. The fire dept. totally should have shut us down Friday night. And that is with a lot of people outside around the radio station's booth.

We sold 1,300 copies the first night. It took us until 2 am (pretty much on the dot) to ring them all up.

As of sometime yesterday afternoon, we had almost doubled that.

Since we got around 5,500 copies in, though, were still doing fine.

(except for audio :( )

People keep coming in, looking around at our tables filled the the brim with DH, and making stupid comments to the effect of "It must not being doing as well as they thought." Please.

With regard to the "their slashing the price so much they aren't making any money!" meme:

Yes, we are killing small bookstores. But we, ourselves, are doing fine.

We made $65,000 Friday night. A normal summer Friday is around $30,000. 1,300*$20 = $26,000. That leaves $10,000 extra. So we increased our sales by about 25 -30% even if we only broke even on DH.

Saturday was pretty similar.

Now, must go to work!


Melanie S. said...

O.o $30000, normally? That's pretty terrifying. (I've never worked in retail, so I had no idea...)

Mickle said...

normal weekends in the summer, yes. although, it's not unusual for Friday's to be closer to $27,000, which is what non summer/non-christmas/non-holiday weekends are closer to.

regular weekdays are around the low $20,000s

$60,000 is what we will pull in on a weekday in mid-December or a weekend day earlier in the christmas season

We are also one of the better selling stores in the district, if that scares you a bit less. We serve a fairly decent area and are right smack in the middle of the most affluent part of that area.

I'm guessing that some of our sister stores in the district make on average a several thousand less than we do a day.

on the other hand, I'm sure we make a lot less than the store at The Grove, the huge one in Manhattan, etc.