Monday, July 16, 2007

This is Not Celebreality

So, more people than should (ie, a greater number than zero) believe that the images below are from two different shots.

(from Jezebel, via Pandagon)

In order words, yes, the cover is photoshopped, but ya'll are seeing stuff that isn't even there.

Since the only coherent verbal reply that I can come up with to answer that is "WTflyingF?!?!?" I shall, instead answer with pictures.


Squished? or Naturally arched in a different pose?

Top dress fold on the right leg:

Distorted? or Different pose?

Right hand/arm:

Hand replaced with arm? or Different pose?

What do you all think?

(you, know, all two of you.)

update: I've now added a poll. Shiny!

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