Monday, May 15, 2006


monkeycrackmary recently requested fans' wish lists for female comic books characters. (hat tip to Ragnell)

I'm still new enough to comics, especially super-hero comics, that I'm a little hesitant to add anything. I emphatically second everything already posted, however, most especially:

"I want the creators of comic books to put themselves in the place of female characters instead of in the place of someone looking at female characters....It's not about the characters being sexy. It's about every other element of the story taking a dive so that the characters can be sexy."

- mildredmilton

"I want characters whose identity cannot be summed up in their bra size."

- storyjunkie

"I want my adolescent power fantasy, same as the boys do. I don't want the female character to be firking "Rescued" all the time."

- Ragnell

"I'd like logical costumes; not everyone's fond of the turtleneck, but can we have a middle ground between 'neck to ankles armor' and 'battle thong'?"

- sollie7

"Don't make all of your female characters look exactly alike except for coloring...More than one female character in a comic is good! Having them actually interact with each other in a way that makes sense for their personality is even better!"

- grey_bard

May television and movie creators take note as well - some may not need the advice, but plenty do.

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