Monday, May 22, 2006

Summer Reading Challenge

This sounds like a good idea.

(via Sassymonkey Reads)

I could always use more recommendations for customers, so I think I'll make my own goal a bit more specific. Rather than just any books, each month I will read:

1 Beginning Reader
1 Picture book
1 Chapter book
1 Young Reader novel
1 Teen novel
1 Graphic novel for kids
1 Non-fiction book for kids

(Since I'm doing this partly to expand list my of good books, each has to be by an author I haven't read before or a series I am not familiar with)

I will also write reviews for all of them (like I'd always meant to do). That will be a total of 21 books and 21 reviews in three months. That shouldn't be too hard. Which is good, because I'm sure I'll be reading lot's of "adult" books as well.


sassymonkey said...

Yours is sounding a lot more fun than mine at the moment. Mine is starting to scare me. lol

Mickle said...

I keep thinking mine is too easy actually (I mean, seriously, the picture books will take all of five minutes).

But then I stop remember the fact that I just promised to write reviews for all of them - and that I added the stipulation that they all be new (to me) authors or series.

I think it might take me an hour just to find a picture book by an author I haven't read before....and I can already think of about ten books that don't fit that critera that I absoultely must read sometimes soon...

:) it'll be an interesting summer.